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Error 404: Humor not found.

Well animated, and the start looked like it was really building up to something amazing.

Unfortunatly, the end result was a 5(ish)second joke that was unfortunatly not funny.

Yeah I suppose some clan server owners may kick you when your standing perfectly still as a sniper not moving... This isn't funny though.

When a animation is based around a single event or joke, it has to have substance or be particularly funny, otherwise it just fails.

Well executed and technically brilliant, but the humor just isn't there.

Not as good as the original.

But certainly a worthy tribute, the animation was nice, but the drawing just sucked, and the ending just felt like a cheap way of ending it because you ran out of time or just got bored.

Either way, nice job.

Zanzlanz responds:

Ironically, I never saw A vs. A 3 before I made this version, so the blue screen was (I thought) my own idea. But yes, after doing the 'lava gun' thing, I got really tired, and I ran out of ideas. Thanks!

Music failed!

No music, problem not on my end, fix it!

Errr what?

Somehow, I feel like I should be ashamed that I watched it all.

I don't really know what it was, but I recognised the sound clips... I don't really know what to comment on... it was funny, but completely random.

That's all I can say.

Very good.

I loved the first one but with the ending that you left I feared that the sequel would be cheesey and below par.

I was Wrong

This was great, it did everything perfectly, the action was smooth but not skitchy, the characters were likeable and believeable and seem to develop with in the viewer and by the end I was kind of hoping that character X made it for reason Y.

Sounds were flawless, small amount of comedy kept it from being dry and the interesting developing plot kept me interested.

I only have on problem with the second one... Will it have to take another year?


You sir, are a hero!

*Snif* If only...


It was actually quite hard to watch through all of the animation, It was crap.

I don't want to seem like an asshole, because it was obvious that you actually put effort into it. You didnt intend in spamming the portal with bollocks.

The story was a massive failure, half of the entire fucking animation was just a guy driving in a car why not just put "Later that Day" or something?

The drawing was rubbish, the only drawing tool you used was the rectangle, and circles for the 'target'... also that "Which target do I shoot?" joke, was god awfull.

The animation... well the only animation was a car driving (which the driver was just a pink hovering square but nervermind) ((more like floating as there was no visible wheel movement)) and a guy answering his brick, which was smooth, but boring.

The worst part of the flash... the voice acting... GOD! You can download sounds from the internet, not every sound effect in the ENTIRE flash has to be your own, immature sounding (No offence) voice, "DE DE DE DE DE, HELLO MOTTO" made sigh. After everytime you spoke you made a shit load of feedback/static, get a better mic.

Do these changes and you could have a passable, portal worthy flash.

Also, the blue dude... didnt he die in London 1984... but then magicly appear in London 2009.

OrangeSquash responds:

Well I'm sorry if my flash is not very good. But you do realise that this is my first ever flash of all time and that I'm 10 years old in age? Do you?


The entire animation wasn building up to that big finish joke, which was completely predictable and not really that funny

The animation which wasn't bad, it didn't stand out from the crowd of basic tween (almost)only animation.

Far from finished in my eyes


It is good, slighly funny, and well animated...

But there was nothing there to make it stand out of the crowd, pritty mediocre... except it had anoying advertising


Loved the animation and story line, could have felt that there couold have been a bit more action, but it was still awsome

Those fight sounds were familier, wasnt sure untill Tom let out a HUUDKEN...

HUUDKEN!.. Ending made me lol

Im no longer a Paperboy... im still bloody tired...

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