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Error 404: Humor not found.

Well animated, and the start looked like it was really building up to something amazing.

Unfortunatly, the end result was a 5(ish)second joke that was unfortunatly not funny.

Yeah I suppose some clan server owners may kick you when your standing perfectly still as a sniper not moving... This isn't funny though.

When a animation is based around a single event or joke, it has to have substance or be particularly funny, otherwise it just fails.

Well executed and technically brilliant, but the humor just isn't there.

Not as good as the original.

But certainly a worthy tribute, the animation was nice, but the drawing just sucked, and the ending just felt like a cheap way of ending it because you ran out of time or just got bored.

Either way, nice job.

Zanzlanz responds:

Ironically, I never saw A vs. A 3 before I made this version, so the blue screen was (I thought) my own idea. But yes, after doing the 'lava gun' thing, I got really tired, and I ran out of ideas. Thanks!

Music failed!

No music, problem not on my end, fix it!

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Fun but too long

Each little battle is about as much time I wonna spend playing a flash game, not a lengthy 20hour repetitive battle.

Get rid of the alarm thing, makes the game drag on too long is all...

Or get rid of enemy regen.

Either way, gotta make it shorter battles.

Discovered a fail state

Really good game, well put together and it just really works and is a lot of fun.

However, there's one problem that if you defeat a boss (in this case the wizard) and are able to advance to the next area, but you are not able to defeat the first monster, then you can't actually do a practice battle, and thus are left with no way to progress.

A tiny flaw, in a near perfect game.

AwokerR responds:

If you killed the boss, you were supposed to be able to kill a simple enemy.

Great game.

Yes, it is a great game, there isn't anything particularly wrong with it in it's current state, however there are many possible improvements.

First off the gameplay is solid, and enjoyable, and bug free, and it is alot of fun as you unlock better weapons and invent your own strategys as to how to survive the round, however eventually you ulock all the weapons and realise only the flamethrower is only gun worth using and are left with a turret farm as an outlet to all your surplus cash... thats no fun in the end, however it being a flash game, this is kinda to be expected after a while.

Basically, it's fun untill you realise the flame thrower is the best, theny our left with tons of cash and nothing to spend it on, which, unless your into suicide, means it's the end of the game, what you could do to improve the longevity of this game is huge as there are so many different possibilities, although this game can go without, it would be nice to have some other content.

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Very nice, I love every part of this song, nice range techno sounds

Strait to the IPOD


Very, in the background sort of music

Listened to it in the background of a Zombie mod CSS game... scary stuff

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