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Banned by Moke.

2009-10-09 17:39:43 by TiredPaperBoy

I was banned:

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 1 days. You have 10 hours, 49 minutes and 11 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: Go wash your dog. ~Moke

Please read the BBS rules.

Without trying too look like I am whineing and trying to question who ever banned me [and thus bring down another ban on top] I was just wondering, is that actually against the BBS rules (having a smelly dog) and who the fuck is "Moke", when I go to his userpage it's an innactive newb account from 9 years ago.

I laughed when I saw the reason (check out my last BBS post), but now I am wondering who Moke is, wikipedia reveals it as the following:

Moke - archaic British, Australian, and United States slang meaning Donkey
Mini Moke - a utility vehicle produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC)
Moke (band) - a British rock band
Moke (Amsterdam band), indie rock band from Amsterdam
Moke (Bihar, India) a village in India.
Moke (slang) - a disparaging term for Pacific Islanders, especially Samoans/Hawaiians
A Tropical Storm (Moke - 1984)
A type of fictional lizard in the Harry Potter books
Moke - an exotic flower found in Asia, Thailand


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2009-10-09 17:45:30

I am sure it was JAmoke who banned you. Just shortining his name for fun I guess...

(Updated ) TiredPaperBoy responds:

Ahhhh, clever little pun there, maybe jamoke was calling me a donkey?